Deck Flood Light

Deck Flood Light

Deck Flood Light - OW-4023-24W 40W

Deck Flood Light - OW-4023-24W 40W

Product Specification:
  • LED Power: 24W 40W
  • Luminous flux: 2160LM 3600LM
  • Operating Volt: 9-32V
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Lifespan: 30000 hours
  • Operating temperature: -45℃-+85℃
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  1. Product Details

Features of Deck Flood Light


1.Designed with a high lumen per watt rating, this agricultural LED light provides high quality light that fits where other lights just won’t work.

2.Sleek, rugged design with superior LED electronic circuitry outperforms lights twice its size and weight.

3.Quality electronic components and advanced circuit design provides electronically quiet operation, consistent light output, and protection from voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference.

4.Premium LEDs produce white light that reduces eye fatigue and operator stress.

5.Rugged design withstands heavy vibration, corrosion, moisture, and dust.




Specifications of Deck Flood Light


1.Power:24W    40W                                              

2.Luminous flux:2160LM     3600LM                                    

3.Light source: 8pcs CREE                                

4.Voltage range:9-32V                                

5.Waterproof rate:IP68                                            

6.PC lens                                                          

7.Material of housing: aluminum alloy                      

8.LED lifetime:30000 hours                            

9.Operating temperature:-45℃-+85℃        

10.Beam:flood and spot beam optional





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